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Greetings, Programs!

Shower, shave, and grab some breakfast (bacon, perhaps?) and tune in to this week's TechnoRetro Dads -- it's the best way to start out your work week.  Today, time is of the essence: find out how to vote in the BTVA awards, submit your original clip to Empire Uncut (the Star Wars Uncut sequel), and equip yourself for some fun at work with beer cans and razor blades.  

JediShua and shazbazzar talk with the kiddos about Jurassic Park 3D, crack open some Star Wars news, venture back in computer archaeology to uncover ancient Apples, and find out what the judge had to say about the relationship between TRON and Robotron 2084.

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Greetings, Programs!

What a week!  We've been watching Wreck It Ralph, following TR3N director Joseph Kosinski, charting the course of five new Star Wars movies (year-by-year in the theaters), drinking Classic Coke, keeping up with Apple and uBananas, and more for a full week of TechnoRetro Dads.

Keep up with the news (both current and retro) with a History Lesson each week.  Share your TechnoRetro memories with friends and family.  Speculate about upcoming movies with or without spoilers (that's half the fun). 

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Greetings, Programs!

If you are not overwhelmed with User requests researching tax information and using these final cycles to file forms with the MCP or IRS or whatever it may be, check out this Titanic TAX DAY release of TechnoRetro Dads.  

In this episode:

TRON update at Disneyland.

TR3N news and expectations.

Will The Dark Crystal have a sequel?

In the History Lesson:

The continuing story of Apple Computers.

Betamax tapes and LaserDiscs.

Popcorn poppers and Chef Boyardee pizzas.

Home movies before the advent of video tapes....

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Greetings, Programs!

Remember watching The Dark Crystal for the first time?  JediShua and shazbazzar talk about this strange and somewhat creepy muppet movie from 1982 and agree that it only gets better with repeated viewings!  

This week on TechnoRetro Dads, the anticipation for TR3N grows as Joseph Kosinski reveals some information about the sequel to TRON:Legacy.  We also find out about a remake of Disney's first excursion into science fiction movies, The Black Hole.  Find out where Star Wars in a more primitive form can be seen.  

Apple computers, Atari computers, and the very popular uBanana phone round out a raucous recollection of historical facts and flubs from the 70s and 80s.  

Even if you're not techno, retro, or even a dad, there's something on this episode for everyone who likes stuff.


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Greetings, Programs!

What is a TechnoRetro Dad?  JediShua and shazbazzar explain it all in this initial episode of TechnoRetro Dads.  With Star Wars and other retro-franchise news, getting their families together to experience Willow, and some neat facts in a History Lesson, the Dads take their first step into their weekly podcasting endeavor.

Join shazbazzar and JediShua each week as they remember what it was like to be a kid in the 70s and 80s, taking the best of their youth and sharing their experiences and making new memories with their own families.

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