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The Empire Strikes Back premiered in theaters 40 years ago today.  And since the number 40 has a nice ring to it, TechnoRetro Dads delve into the archives of American Top 40 with Casey Kasem as a soundtrack for the day.  In a strange turn of events, an alternative version of the radio show came across the airwaves as host Spacey Ace’em counts down the Top Ten from the week of May 21,  1980 and while the tunes sound familiar, the lyrics are a bit odd.  Count down the greatest hits of this week 40 years ago with a flair from that galaxy far, far away.  


10.  “Biggest Hope We Have” (Am Yozia)

Yozya, of a wrinkled and green species unrecorded in the Official Archives of the Galactic Empire, sings about his great, great, great, great uncle’s training of a farm boy from Tatooine during his self-imposed exile on Dagobah. 


9.  “Another Snow-Covered Brawl” (Pink Asteroid)

This controversial piece has been banned from educational academies throughout the Galactic Empire because of its alleged ties to the traitorous Rebel Alliance.   


8.  “Don’t Find a Friend in a Gambler” (Gordon Rogers and Buck Girard)

A duet about scoundrels, pirates, and honor among thieves that you’re going to have to hear to the end.


7.  “You May Be Right, I May Be Scruffy” (Joel Willbilly)

Willbilly hits hard with this raucous tune about a scoundrel with a high opinion of himself.  Perhaps a princess and a scoundrel could have a future.


6.  “Roll the Dice” (Dr. Bookie)

Known for their songs about fast podracers, fast ships, and fast money, “Roll the Dice” comes from the band’s latest album, Canto Blight.


5.  “With You I’m Left Behind” (C-3PO and R2-D2)

The second duet in the top ten this week features a protocol droid and an astromech singing a song you’ll hope never ends.


4.  “BespinTown” (Faux No)

From the album Villa Manilla, the lip-syncing pseudo-band Faux No tells the story of a city that will get you moving and grooving.


3.  “Frozen Love” (Iron Lung)

“Frozen Love” will warm the coldest hearts with a love song that will make you say, “I know.”


2.  “Fly the Slave 1” (Cross-2-4-Chris)

Cross-2-4-Chris knows about the relationship of a pilot and his ship.  While it’s not quite as romantic as his number one hit “Solo’s Falcon”, this song about Han Solo’s rival will have you hunting bounties in no time.


1.  “Call Me” (Blah N Di)

Force Time.  Enough said.


And that’s the Top Ten.  Of course, there are a few surprises along the way, so plug in your ear buds, EarBuds, and turn up the tunes.  We’re betting you’ll be crying before it’s over.

In case this wasn’t all you hoped it would be, tune in to the last Top40 Top Ten from May 25, 1977 here.

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Where would we be without our Moms?  Well, nowhere, obviously.  I mean, people don’t just randomly occur by chance.  And no, storks are not the answer folks, regardless of what Papa Smurf told you about “once in a blue moon”.  


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We Love Our Cereal…

…and more and more people are jumping on the #chillyourbowl bandwagon as boxes disappear from grocery store shelves like they were toilet paper.  Discover new cereals for your taste buds while binging your favorite toons on your days off.  You can even order cereal (and more) from The Cereal Box, Inc.


TechnoRetro Arcade: Mothers

Atari brought a hip-hoppin’ punch-throwin’ Mom to the arcade with a Popeye vs. Donkey Kong game called Kangaroo.  PLUS: we find out the origins of Blanka from Street Fighter II — and see his mom!


Let’s All Go to the Movies

Moms in movies from the ‘70s and ‘80s were scary, sweet, tormented, and awesome.  Which ones do you remember?  Which ones would you like to forget?


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May 25, 1977 — Star Wars dazzles audiences.

May 21, 1980 — The Empire Strikes Back hits a home run.

May 4, 2020 — TechnoRetro Dads pay tribute to the FORCE that became even more powerful with the sequel.  


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And Yoda Is His Name-Oh

There was a Jedi, not too tall,
and Yoda was his name - oh!
Y - O - D - A -

Well, even if his name has too few letters to fit the song, even if he isn’t tall enough to ride certain attractions at Walt Disney World, and even if he is all wrinkled and green, Yoda proved to be the ultimate Jedi Master with his quirky personality, questionable syntax, and quotable words of wisdom.

We continue in our amazement of Yoda lifting Luke’s X-Wing from the swamp and examine why his pithy proverb uttered in The Empire Strikes Back has had such an impact on the world and the ‘Dads themselves.

JediShua remembers when Yoda was purple; shazbazzar thinks that the Hulk was, too.


We Love Our Cereal…

…and we think that Star Wars characters would, too.  JediShua and shazbazzar consider which cereals from our galaxy would most appeal to our friends from that galaxy far, far away.


TechnoRetro Arcade: The Empire Strikes Back

From the Atari arcade revamp of Star Wars to the home version of the “Battle in the Snow” to the immersive experience of on the Super NES, shazbazzar and JediShua remember when you could put yourself in the action of The Empire Strikes Back.


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  • JediShua “Going to Dagobah”
  • Weird Al Yankovich “Yoda”
  • The Syzlaks “The Lando System”
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