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Not very scary Halloween specials were a staple as we enjoyed our retro candy choices. Do they stack up against today's sweets?


We really enjoyed the “not very scary” Halloween specials that would show up on TV every October. What were some of your favorites? We discuss them as we indulge in a variety of popular 80’s candy and pit them up against today’s choices. 


In the NEWS

  • Willow comes to Disney+ as a series with director Jon M. Chu
  •  The Witches gets a remake thanks to HBO Max and Robert Zemeckis, plus some big named stars

TechnoRetro Cereal -News

The Roving Spoonster has shared cereal news that’s good for all!  Minnesota Vikings’ Kirk Cousins launches a cereal for charity. Kellogg’s has cereal boxes for the visually impaired. General Mills held a contest with free artistic renderings of our favorite Monster Cereal mascots for anyone that entered. And for those that need a little boost in their taste buds, you’ll soon get a chance to use SpoonTEK. Cereal is the great uniter! 

Saturday Mornings - Not Very Scary Halloween Specials

You know the hype was building in October when the TV stations started playing the Halloween specials. Every episode of Scooby Doo made it seem like Halloween. In 1985 Garfield gave us his first Halloween adventure. And who could forget It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown? But only the Simpsons has given us more than 30 years of special episodes every year. We remember our favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes, plus Earbud ideas too. 

Halloween Candy TechnoRetro Taste Test

We know we loved candy in the 80’s (yes, even Bit-O-Honey). But does it stack up against the candy we have to choose from today? Are the new, fancy ones worth getting in your Trick-or-Treat bag? Jay and Shua push through the sugar sweats as they sample a plethora of sweet treats from the past and present.

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As Halloween approaches, get ready for some spooky games in the arcade! Plus, learn a lot about life on the 30th anniversary of Edward Scissorhands.


30 years ago, director Tim Burton presented a story of love and acceptance in the way only he can with the classic Johnny Depp movie Edward Scissorhands. And while you prepare yourself for a Halloween like no other, why not revisit some spooky games in the arcade? 


In the NEWS

  • Jeff Bridges and his daughter have written a great picture book about their relationship
  • The synopsis for Ready Player Two has been released
  • Alice Cooper is planning a fun Halloween for all the kids!
  • Our Life Day present came early when Disney+ announced the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special 

TechnoRetro Cereal -News

The Roving Spoonster has shared his insight once again! Do you live in Massachusetts? You may be interested in Pixels and Pints where they are beginning to host all you can eat cereal and Saturday Morning Cartoon events. Check it out and let us know! And Post will be releasing some cereal infused bunnies for Easter this year. We can’t wait to try them out! 

TechnoRetro Arcade - Spooky Games for Halloween

Video games have had a rich history when it comes to games featuring scary monsters and situations. From all the way back in 1972 when Killer Shark appeared, the genre has been one of the most popular. We look at featured games such as Atari’s Haunted House, movie-based games like The Evil Dead, Halloween, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street. Plus, gory additions such as Splatterhouse and Doom. Do you like the Horror genre of games? Let us know! 

Let’s all go to the movies! - Edward Scissorhands

In 1990 Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp were just beginning their illustrious careers. And when now legendary director Tim Burton cast them in his surreal classic Edward Scissorhands, they ended up being the perfect pair to teach us all lessons about kindness, inclusion, and how to treat people that are different from us. We take a close look at the movie on its 30th anniversary and share what it’s meant for us. 

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There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to Dads. We look at Twilight Zone: The Movie, the classic show, and the Golden Earring song and misheard lyrics of 80’s songs. 


For more than 60 years the Twilight Zone has given us a ton of stories to fill us with dread and make us think about the world. Jay and Shua look back on the classic TV show, the Movie, and the Golden Earring. But are we hearing those lyrics correctly?


In the NEWS

  • Cobra Kai returns in January and it’s been renewed for a season 4!
  • We recommend some great new books featuring art from video games
  • Would you try pumpkin spice Mac and Cheese?
  • We honor the memory of Eddie Van Halen 

Let’s All Go to the Movies - Twilight Zone: The Movie

In 1983 four legendary directors put together some Rod Serling-esque stories to give us Twilight Zone - The Movie. We look back at the origins of Rod Serling’s creation and how it evolved into the movie and future versions of the show. 

TechnoRetro Dads - Vinyl Scratchback

Twilight Zone also inspired (sorta) a classic 80’s song by Golden Earring. This song was a definite product of the 80’s but we may not have been hearing all the lyrics correctly. We figure out what they really said and also share some other wacky misinterpretations of lyrics. 

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October is here! And who better to usher in the spooky month than the Godfather of Spooky himself, Vincent Price!


Vincent Price became a legend in all things Halloween. We look back at some of his great roles and appearances in classic movies, TV shows, and songs.  Plus, the TechnoRetro Dads Magazine Rack features the October 1980 issue of Starlog and the dwindling Sci-Fi options on TV.


In the NEWS

  • Some very cool stylized Back to the Future figures are now available online and in stores. Just in time for Christmas!
  • Artist Travis Falligant has made some very TechnoRetro Scooby Doo prints featuring classic horror movie villains. 

TechnoRetro Cereal -News

The Roving Spoonster has done it again! Great cereal news. Holiday cereals will be hitting the shelves soon. The newest this year is Elf cereal, based on the Will Ferrell Classic. ARe our cereals going back to basics? General Mills is, even with their recipes straight from the 80’s. And if you’re looking for a new video game, why not check out Cereal Killaz?

TechnoRetro Dads - Vinyl Scratchback

Danny Elfman’s genius has given us a ton of classic music over the years, but one of their biggest mainstream hits was Dead Man’s Party. We look back at the history and influence of the classic whether it’s October or any other month. 

Let’s All Go to the Movies

Vincent Price has hundreds of acting credits to his name over his career. But in 1953 he began developing his trademark type of character in House of Wax. From there he starred in a variety of spooky movies, often parodying himself. Plus, he made appearances in TV shows from Love Boat to the Muppet Show. We talk about our favorites, what are yours?


Toys in the Attic - Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture

Vincent Price didn’t stop at the movies. He also endorsed some creepy toys too. All you need is an apple. This would be perfect for Halloween, so get your twisted Mr. Potato Head knockoff now!

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