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After Star Wars thrilled audiences in theaters, everyone wanted to tap into the collective consciousness of pop culture that had embraced that galaxy far, far away.  Once Star Wars had trickled out of theaters halfway through 1978, the itch for more space fantasies needed scratching.  Glen A Larson tuned into the pulse of the people with an epic story of humans light years from Earth who were connected with us through shared ancient ancestry.  ABC picked up the pilot which featured movie-style special effects, compelling characters, and a plot that could end up with these “Brothers of Man” escaping the Cylons and integrating into our culture.  Battlestar Galactica was created and captured our hearts and minds while we waited for the inevitable sequel to Star Wars.


Battlestar Galactica

The pilot episode of the tragically single-seasoned Battlestar Galactica was aired as a Sunday Night Movie on ABC in mid-September 1978.  “Saga of a Star World” introduced Adama, Apollo, Athena, Starbuck, Boomer, Cassiopeia and more on the small screens in our homes.  We watched the alien machine race of Cylons nearly exterminate tribes (planets) of humans in a sneak attack under the guise of peace talks.  The survivors of the attack escaped their home planets in whatever space ships they could find to caravan towards their only hope to preserve the race by seeking the lost tribe of men on a far-away world known as Earth.  This “made-for-TV movie” followed the ragtag fleet through treacherous skies, to casino resort with man-eating hosts, and towards their goal of Earth as they fled their Cylon pursuers against all odds.  

Since its release and subsequent cancellation of the series after just one season, Battlestar Galactica has maintained its own place in pop culture in its own right.  Multiple attempts have been made to continue the story on TV and books, with a long-running reboot of the series premiering on the Sci-Fi Channel in 2004.  Battlestar Galactica continues to interest audiences, both young and old, as dads (and moms) introduce their kids to the things they loved in the ‘70s and ‘80s.


Thanks to Paul Bateman, High Adventure, and Richard Hatch for their appearances on this pilot episode of Star Wars Aftershocks.  We hope y’all enjoy the conversation.

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Greetings, Programs!  


It’s a sordid tale of a sworded adventure through a maze of assorted games of skill and chance in hopes of gaining sufficient experience points to gain the treasure awaiting members of this party featuring gigantic creatures both fearsome and funny who strive to help the gamers along the way to the goal.  Nope.  It’s not Dungeons & Dragons.  It’s Chuck E Cheese, and he’s turning forty this year as we recall our fun times at the Pizza Time Theater since 1977.


In the NEWS…

Chuck E Cheese is breaking up the band — at least in some locations.  A brand new board game  of The Dark Crystal is available this fall; it looks totally cool!  JediShua gets shazbazzar all excited about a judge ruling on grammar rules that might sound good on School House Rock. Buffy and Ralph Hinkley are getting rebooted whether we like it or not.  And (as everyone knows by now) J.J. Abrams will direct another film in the Star Wars saga.


We Love Our Cereal…

Kellogg’s joins the ranks of other companies committed to 100% renewable energy.  The Cereal Box in Arvada is hiring. 


Aftershocks of 1977

It’s time to take a trip to see Chuck E Cheese and see just how much has changed over the past 40 years (and how many things have stayed the same).  These Aftershocks include the great Toys in the Attic that kids can “buy” with their winnings from the casino-styled games in this TechnoRetro Arcade.  From spinning tops to flying frisbees, from video games to skee ball, Chuck E Cheese and Showbiz Pizza has entertained kids for years while adults have endured the less-than-stellar pizza and snacks at these iconic party zones.  And if the fun wasn’t enough, the ‘Dads reveal the relationship between Chuck E Cheese and Atari — the details are shocking!


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This tempestuous Monday morning we have more questions than answers on TechnoRetro Dads and we’re hoping that SIMON will give us the answers.  Are Porgs Lemmings?  Why does football season mean more cowbells?  Are there negative impacts of sending your kids to your alma mater?  When might philanthropists get confused with philanderers?  Why does Mrs. shaz want to watch The Tick on TV?  Where is Hurricane Irma, now?


In the NEWS…

The LEGO Movie 2 begins production this fall. The Dark Crystal offers artists the opportunity to see their work make it to television (and win some cash in the meantime).  Six Million Dollar Man actor Richard Anderson dies.  PLUS: Cool TechnoRetro style TV shows premiere this month.


We Love Our Cereal…

Millennials on Big Brother evidently love their cereal, too.  Tennessee has cereal on the menu at several non-cereal-cafe establishments (and JediShua wants to visit Nashville, soon).  Super Golden Crisp and Super Mario Brothers become partners as Post and Nintendo team-up to bring great games to breakfast.


Aftershocks of 1977

The Making of Star Wars reached force-crazed fans of that galaxy far, far away on September 16, 1977.  The documentary aired on television, revealing some behind-the-scenes magic invented by innovative creator George Lucas.  Hosted by C-3PO and R2-D2, this TV special thrilled audiences with insights and interviews with the actors and filmmakers that brought space fantasy into pop culture for forty years and counting. 


Toys in the Attic

Capitalizing on the Atari Touch Me, invented by Ralph Baer and Howard Morrison, Hasbro released Simon in 1978 with long-lasting success.  The game is played by listening to the tones and watching the colored lights in sequence and then pressing the coordinating buttons in the same sequence.  It may seem easy, but when distracted by conversation, shazbazzar can’t seem to score more than four.


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Today only at Krispy Kreme: Pumpkin Spice Glazed Donuts.  The Pumpkin Spice season has officially begun now that we have some sweet Krispy Kreme Hot Glazed donuts seasoned with that delectably delightful blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and more.  

So join shazbazzar and JediShua at your local Krispy Kreme and make Steve Glosson's day!  

TechnoRetro Dads is not affiliated or sponsored by Krispy Kreme.  However, if Krispy Kreme would like to send us some free donuts, we would be happy to eat them.

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It’s September, the weather’s cooler (when it’s not too windy), football has begun, and suddenly — school’s out for a Monday!  Time for travelling, of course.  Maybe even a day for a Voyager.  Today is full of holidays from Wild Life to Waffles, with paperboys getting their due as well.  So light up the grill and serve up some steaks while you while the day away with your earbuds, EarBuds. 


In the NEWS…

ABC reboots The Jetsons. NBC reboots The Munsters (again).  Ready Player One gets the 8-bit treatment (so cool).  And the search begins in earnest to find out who owns Buck Rogers, because NBCUniversal wants to reboot that franchise, too.


We Love Our Cereal Waffles…

Since it’s National Waffle Week, we take a break from milk and cereal to celebrate syrup, butter, and iron-grilled breakfast pastries.  From homemade to Eggos, waffles are a great treat for the morning — and maybe even for lunch!


TechnoRetro Arcade

Since the Mac vs May fight, we’ve been thinking about boxing and that means Punch Out!! earns a place in the TechnoRetro Arcade.  Fight Glass Joe, Piston Hurricane, Bald Bull, and Mr. Sandman for your shot at the title.  We talk about this unique game and include a little bit of a cheat code to help you next time you slip a quarter into the slot of this classic arcade game.


Aftershocks of 1977

Voyager I launched on its great interplanetary expedition on September 5, 1977.  Today, it continues to report in with news of its interstellar travels as it races away from its home planet.  Already 19 light hours from earth, Voyager I has outpaced its twin, Voyager II, which was launched with a sixteen-day head start.  JediShua and shazbazzar wonder if it’s truly cold in space and ask if Voyager brought along a sweater. 



Matthew Marks may have looked at the eclipse too long (we warned you).  Mark All saw it all from his home in Tennessee with eye protection and a pinhole camera pizza box.  Darth Taxus reminds us of the origins of Pumpkin Spice…sandworms of Dune.  And Sheldon gets us all excited about Force Friday with an animatic Porg.


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