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Greetings, Programs!

Movin’ right along 
rememb’ring old times and new news,

With ear buds you can’t lose,

You know it won’t be boring!

Ev’ry Monday morning
you can download a new show,

Then get ready to go…

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TechnoRetro Dads --

have fun with history.

Movies, games, and toys
we share with our families.

TechnoRetro Dads —

with friends both young and old, 

Mem’ries that are made with them
are worth more than gold.


Movin’ right along
when buddies seem more like brothers,

they’re joined by some others,

and form a Lazy Book Club.

Saturdays are great
while watching cartoons with cereal,

on a plane that’s ethereal,

be sure to save your pay stub.  
(Now you’re just trying to rhyme.)(Yep.)


TechnoRetro Dads —

‘Cause two’s just not enough —


Come along and join right in
if you enjoy stuff!   

E.T. is unearthed!  Flash Gordon is coming back!  Data’s cousin is rumored to be starring in a Goonies sequel!  There’s loads of news in this episode of TechnoRetro Dads!

PLUS: SuperFriend JORBEX joins JediShua and shazbazzar to talk about The Muppet Movie, Presto Magix, and Froot Loops.  You can be a part of the discussion as well by contacting us through email at podcast@TechnoRetroDads.com or leave a voice mail at (209)878-7323 (TR-TRDAD). You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. 

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Greetings, Programs!

The Hulk is Incredible, the Charms are Lucky, the DeLorean is headed to New Mexico, and Tom Angleberger is on TechnoRetro Dads! 

Whether you are into retro shows or techno twists on old favorites, you can find it on TechnoRetro Dads week after week.  Today, JediShua and shazbazzar eat their Lucky Charms while they watch episodes of the 1982 cartoon, The Incredible Hulk with their families.  Chris Hamilton calls us back to the heyday of mail order anticipation with his song “6 to 8 Weeks”.  Author Tom Angleberger talks Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue and drops two amazing announcements on the Dads about his upcoming projects. 

Plus, fun, flashbacks, fandom, and feedback from a friend on this week’s TechnoRetro Dads.  You can join in the conversation at forum.TechnoRetroDads.com, participate in the Lazy Book Club and get a free audiobook download and free 30-day trial of audible.com through TechnoRetro Dads, or contact us via electronic-M at podcast@TechnoRetroDads.com.  



So pick a piece of candy out of the kids’ Easter basket and settle in for seventy-seven minutes of #TechnoRetro good times.

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Greetings, Programs!

It’s time to play the intro.
It’s time to light the lights.

It’s time to meet the Dads
on TechnoRetro Dads tonight.

It’s time to put on makeup.
It’s time to dress up right.
It’s time to eat some breakfast
on TechnoRetro Dads tonight.

Why don’t we watch some movies?
Let’s play with all our toys.
I love to be nostalgic
while I’m hangin’ with my boys!


So download Monday mornings
to start the work week right.
It’s time to get things started
on the most sensational... 

Time to join the TechnoRetro Dads!


Muppets, Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge, Battlestar Galactica, American Idol, E.T., UFC, Star Wars...

Chris Hamilton from Star Wars Kidscast joins the discussion in the Lazy Book Club.  You can too at forum.TechnoRetroDads.com and get a free audiobook download and free 30-day trial of audible.com through TechnoRetro Dads.  We’re talking Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue by Tom Angleberger. 

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Greetings, Programs!

The TechnoRetro Dads shake things up a bit for their first birthday celebration as they embark on a second #TechnoRetro year with more favorite toys, cereal, cartoons, games, movies, and memories to come with some additional chatter about things that matter (maybe not so much).  A few friends stop by for the fun and several others call in with well-wishes on this historic occasion.  (OK, we may be a bit full of ourselves with all this hype, but we did have a great time on this episode.)


Don’t forget to join in the discussion in the Lazy Book Club at forum.TechnoRetroDads.com and get a free audiobook download and free 30-day trial of audible.com through TechnoRetro Dads.  You can pick Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue by Tom Angleberger and get ready for next week’s discussion. 


Canadian Superfriends Mike and Sheldon regale us with tales of the twelve inch manly man Big Jim and his friends Big Josh, Big Jack, and a whole P.A.C.K. of shirtless action figures from Mattel.  T-Bird stops by the shazbazzar spaceport for his report on the TechnoRetro Science Project with some sad news for Chris Luby...

Plus: Lando pulls out of a “STAR” franchise, sugary cereals draw the ire of morning “news” programs, and much more skeksiness than you can find in your average podcast.



The first official Monday of TechnoRetro Dads “Year Two” has arrived, so tune in and turn on, ear buds!

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Greetings, Programs!

You thought your precious Dads were safe from the scheming of the Aprilinanity. Nobody is free from the ludicrousness of this day of absurdity and nonsense.  Equipped with silliness and senselessness, the Dadnappers have effectively taken away the TechnoRetro ones on this anniversary of their origin.  Perhaps this preposterous poppycock will persist for days, weeks, even months....



Yet fear not, fool-loving friends, for the youth of today have seized the situation and are capitalizing on the case of the captured Dads.  JediAri, shabbeyzzar, Little “A”s, and shazzyluke are on the scene and are using this opportunity to pull a little tomfoolery of their own.

So tune in for this extra-special episode of TechnoRetro Dads KIDS! 

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