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Greetings, Programs!


This truly TechnoRetro episode takes the ‘Dads back and forth in time from 1942 to 2013 and more when JediShua tries out a new gadget he bought from some weird old guy on the street.  Join JediShua and shazbazzar for NEWS about the resurgence of video arcades, Fraggle Rock, and Mr. T interspersed with Mayor La Guardia’s speech from New York and a previously unheard Skype conversation from a living room in Denver.


Toys in the Attic features Fisher Price Adventure People with the Alpha Probe, Alpha Star, and more as shazbazzar digs into his bins in the attic searching for reminders of his past.


As Celebration Anaheim approaches, the ‘Dads look back into their collections of convention memorabilia from Celebrations past with an expectation of new memories to come in just a few weeks.



Thanks for tuning in to the 100th regular episode of TechnoRetro Dads as the second year of this silly little podcast comes to its improbable conclusion.

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Greetings, Programs!  


Discover what spring really means. 
Find out other names for this amazing season.
Experience the joy of green grass, flowers, and allergies.
Learn about the latest technological advances in the realm of 3D printing.
Anticipate upcoming retro TV shows and movies.
Reminisce about a certain Cincinnati-based radio station (and toy manufacturer in the process).


Sit down with a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and cue up a few episodes of Hanna Barbera’s Wacky Races with Gargamel and Lion-O for another TechnoRetro Cereal challenge.  Then run for the mailbox for some great Star Wars mail away offers from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and today.



All this and more as we approach the conclusion of the second season of TechnoRetro Dads as well as prepare for another Star Wars Celebration.

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Greetings, Programs!  


Beware of long-lost uncles who work for megalomaniacal millionaires obsessed with psychic powers — that is, if you are an orphaned alien with unexplainable abilities.  Today is the 40th anniversary of the release of the Buena Vista production, Escape to Witch Mountain.  Remember Tony and Tia Malone Castaway’s quest to find their people with help from a hidden map, a grouchy old man from Green Acres, and a black cat that winks…a lot.


PLUS: JediShua and shazbazzar reminisce about some of the Star Wars crafts they made when they were kids (and the disappointing, sad stories that accompany them) in this week’s Star Wars Scrapbook.



With NEWS about cassette tapes, Turtle from North Shore, search the online database for Calvin & Hobbes strips, a Celebration Anaheim announcement, and spurious information about the origins of St. Patrick’s Day, this pre-green episode of TechnoRetro Dads goes perfectly with your morning bowl of Lucky Charms.


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Greetings, Programs!  


JediShua and shazbazzar remember some of Leonard Nimoy’s roles and discover some things they had never known about Earth’s favorite Vulcan.  From Star Trek to Fringe, punctuated by the documentary series In Search of…, Nimoy’s contributions to TV, film, and (of course) music, are recalled in this fun-filled tribute.


PLUS: As the first season of Star Wars Rebels concludes on Disney XD, shazbazzar and JediShua talk about what their families thought about the latest Star Wars venture, from beginning to end — with a healthy dose of “I told you so”!



Get ready for great memories, eager expectations, and a few canned laughs along the way in this week’s TechnoRetro Dads.  With music by Leonard Nimoy, himself, and a brand-new demo by High Adventure’s Glen Nelson, these 77 minutes will pass before you know it!

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Greetings, Programs!  


JediShua and shazbazzar brave the elements to do a little pre-spring cleaning in the garage when they uncover a box of tapes and memories from 1985.  It’s a time-traveling trip to thirty years ago with memorable tunes from the movies.  Check it out! 


Back in Time — Huey Lewis and the News

(Goonies Are) Good Enough — Cyndi Lauper

Big Bad Wolf — Bunny and the Wolf Sisters

Tequila — The Champs

Pretty Woman — Van Halen

Weird Science — Oingo Boingo

My Science Project — The Tubes

Number One — Chaz Jankel

Hearts on Fire — John Cafferty

American Flyers — Glenn Shorrock

Lunatic Fringe — Red Rider

A View to a Kill — Duran Duran

Spies Like Us — Paul McCartney

A Letter to Doc Brown — High Adventure

Power of Love — Huey Lewis and the News


You can find complete versions of most of these songs on iTunes or Amazon, or maybe at your local used music store.  We’ll be back next Monday with a regular episode.  Until then, enjoy the movies!

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