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Kevin! Don’t be sad that you’re Home Alone! You have The TechnoRetro Dads to keep you company. We remember the movie on its 30th anniversary and the video games it inspired. Plus, the Mousetrap game that may have just inspired Kevin’s booby traps. And the results of the first matchups in the Earbud Toy Catalog. The holidays are here!


We may all be Home Alone this year, but we can still have some fun. We remember Kevin McCallister’s antics and the Mousetrap board game that reminds us that we can play at home. 

TechnoRetro News

  • Ready Player Two is available now! What do you think?
  • Indiana Jones is timeless. Well, we hope so since Indy 5 begins pre production next year. 


Let’s All Go to the Movies!

30 years ago Kevin McCallister taught us the true meaning of Christmas while protecting your house from really, really stupid burglers. Home Alone is one of the highest grossing comedies of all time. Let’s look back on all the holiday fun!


TechnoRetro Arcade

Home Alone inspired a slew of video game versions for tons of platforms. We compare them and discuss how it could look today.


Retro Holiday Shopping

We remember the old stores we used to go to for the holidays and why they stuck in our memories. Do you remember going shopping with Mom or Dad? Let us know your stories!


Toys in the Attic

Mouse Trap was a fun board game. Did you know it actually had rules?! Us neither. We though you just set up the Rube Goldberg device and captured your Star Wars figures with it. We look back at the 58 year old game and share our experiences. 


Earbud Toy Catalog

The results are in for the first division of The TechnoRetro Dads Earbud Toy Catalog! The next round is Action Figures. Will your favorites make the cut? Share the survey with everyone and check back all week to see which toys are moving to the next rounds. Look on social media and Discord for the links to the surveys

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Happy Thanksgiving from The TechnoRetro Dads! Tons to be thankful for even this year. Wacky cereal recipes for your feast, video game mods for the season, and some of our favorite retro Thanksgiving specials. Join us at the table for a holiday week of fun and laughs. 


Missing everyone for the strangest holiday season ever? Come hang out with The TechnoRetro Dads! We have cereal recipes, video games, Thanksgiving specials and more!  

TechnoRetro Cereal -News

The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser continues to make progress and we have now been given a taste of what the rooms will look like. Star saving now because you may need to dip into your kids’ college fund to afford it. But one Disney property that won’t break your bank is the Star Wars Lego Holiday Special on Disney+. It’s tons of fun!



The Roving Spoonster has shared some adult cereal flavored beverages to indulge in for the holidays. More companies are trying out the snack bags. And you can flavor up your coffee too. Unless you want to just drink it straight. 

And we have some cereal supplements (or straight out replacements) for your Thanksgiving feast. 


Earbud Toy Catalog

The TechnoRetro Dads Earbud Toy Catalog is back! This week, we feature retro games!  Share the survey with everyone and check back all week to see which toys are moving to the next rounds. Look on social media and Discord for the links to the surveys

TechnoRetro Arcade

What if some of our classic arcade favorites had their characters replaced with turkeys for Thanksgiving? Join us in the arcade and make sure you don’t get gravy in the Pac-Man machine.

Saturday Mornings

Thanksgiving specials may not be as common as other holidays, but there are still some great ones. From the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to the Charlie Brown Special, we always had some great TV to look forward to. We remember some of the most popular and discuss some more obscure ones. What specials do you remember?


Thankful for Thanksgiving

It’s the perfect time to look at our life and truly appreciate all we have to be thankful for. Jay and Shua share some of the most special things in their life and how it’s impacted them even today. And we are always thankful for all of you. 


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We pay tribute to the memory of Sir Sean Connery (and others) when we look back at some of the movies that made a difference to up. And the November 1980 issue of Starlog focuses on Mark Hamill in the Magazine Rack. 


Connery. Sean Connery. The legendary actor passed away at age 90 recently. But he left behind a slew of memorable films and set a bar for a generation of machismo higher than just about anyone else. Jay and Shua look back at some of the greatest ones and Shua remembers how his father turned him onto the actor. 

TechnoRetro Cereal -News

General Mills has once again begun to include some toys in their cereal. But how long will Cereal be around? Well, the village of Cereal, anyway. And keep your eye out for the latest cereal flavor in the grocery store aisles as Cinnamon Toast Crunch-flavored milk will soon be a reality. 

Magazine Rack

In November of 1980, The Empire Strikes Back had changed the way we saw Sci-Fi in the cinema, and we couldn’t get enough of it. This issue features the long-awaited interview with Mark Hamill who may have predicted the future of Star Wars almost 40 years ahead of time. Plue, the state of science fiction on TV as Starlog looks at everything available from the point of view of the culture that gave us the foundation for everything we have today. 

The Star Wars Holiday Special!

It’s been 42 years since CBS graced us with the first Star Wars sequel.  It’s aged like a fine cheese. Whether you love it, hate it, or pretend it doesn’t exist, it’s always fun to talk about. But what would it look like if it aired today? We recast a modern day version and speculate what it would look like to a whole new generation to be embarrassed by. 


Season 2 of Disney+’s hit series is back. Jay and Shua give their brief impressions of how it’s looking so far.

Movie Legends

Did your dad turn you on to Sean Connery movies? Ours did. The late actor left behind a library of movies to inspire your machismo. We look at some of the most memorable roles of Sir Sean that made a difference to us. 

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The TechnoRetro realm turns medieval as we talk with Superfriends Mike Witwer, author of Heroes' Feast: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook and Antony Soehner, author of After School Adventures. 


Hungry? We hope so, because we have some delectable food from the Middle Ages as we welcome Michael Witwer, celebrated Dungeons & Dragons author, whose latest book “Heroes' Feast: The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook” is available now. Plus, author of multiple D & D based novels, Antony Soehner stops by to share his latest series. 


In the NEWS

  • We offer best wishes to Jeff Bridges as he faces a health battle. And we are confident he will conquer it!
  • The Portable Atari Mini Pong Jr. is the portable video game you didn’t know you needed
  • The video game that became a board game, now becomes a video game. The Kickstarter success “Space Invaders” will soon entertain you on your table and your electronic device.

TechnoRetro Cereal -News

The Roving Spoonster’s very own Grand Rapids, Michigan is soon getting its very own cereal bar! And more impressive than that, it’s being run by a 17 year old!  We wish all the best of luck to her and can’t wait to hear a review. 


Antony Soehner has written six great novels based in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, and he’s not slowing down now. We discuss his work that’s available now, and what may be to come. Make sure you check out his great stories and share them with your friends by going to antonysoehner.com   

Michael Witwer returns to TechnoRetro Dads to share another of his great Dungeons & Dragons literature projects. This time it’s an incredible cookbook with food straight from the realm. Pick up Heroes’ Feast - The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook, available now. 

Would You Rather?  Dungeons & Dragons Edition 

Would you rather have everyone in your D&D party have no hands and only fight with their feet, or have everyone’s weapons be made of seaweed? Mike and Tony use a spell to open the door and enter the chamber when suddenly they are confronted with these types of questions. Their only way out is to decide what they would do in these ridiculous scenarios. 

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