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Whether they’re from Switzerland or they’ve been Lost in Space multiple times over decades and even centuries, the Robinsons are an adventuresome lot regardless of their past or future.  Future and past are the name of the game today — your present from TechnoRetro Dads!  Get ready for 77 minutes of pop-culture, fandom, and geekiness with shazbazzar and JediShua. 


In the NEWS

The bad news this week is about Kevin Bacon (though, thankfully, he has not passed).  SyFy has passed on the pilot to a new Tremors series.  Sorry, Mr. Bacon.  We still like you sizzlin’ hot.  Another male icon is getting his own movie — and two directors have been named; Adam and 

Aaron Nee (they’re brothers) have been announced as the directors who will head up the new He-Man movie.  Bill Nye (yes, the science guy) has published three new children’s books.  Steven Spielberg hints that a new “Indy” may be female.  What this means for Indiana Jones 5, we don’t know.  Disney announces a digital series that will stream this summer called Star Wars: Season of the Fan.  


Lost in Space

The Robinsons were first known as a Swiss family lost in the jungle, but became even more familiar to the X Generation for being Lost in Space.  Created and produced in 1965 by Irwin Allen, the original show centered around a family of space pioneers whose mission was interrupted by a saboteur, Dr. Zachary Smith.  Smith and the youngest Robinson (Will) became the central humans on the three season series as did Robot’s familiar phrase, “Danger, Will Robinson!”. 

Thirty years after the series ended, New Line Cinema produced a Lost in Space film including nods, homages, and cameos from the television program.  It was a fun movie with some hope for a sequel, but due to its lackluster reception in the box office and somewhat lacking special effects for 1998, the sequel never happened.

Not to be stopped by one “poor” performance, however, the Robinsons re-emerged with a pilot for a TV reboot.  Directed by John Woo and penned by Irwin Allen, The Robinsons: Lost in Space was dead on arrival, sabotaged, not by Dr. Smith, but by a teen-drama feel that was really, really, really bad.  Really.  Totally 2004.  Some good things came from this version, however, including plot points that would be resurrected in the brand-new series from NetFlix.

Lost in Space returned to the small screen (iPhones, iPads, and anything else that streams NetFlix) in April to raucous praise.  And for good reason.  The cast is good, the story is good, the character development is excellent, the effects are effective, and a second season has been approved.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Stop what you’re doing and watch all ten episodes!


Vinyl Scratchback

The Bee Gees were topping the charts this week in 1978 with “Night Fever” and three other tunes from the band and/or a Gibb brother.  Since their foundation in 1958, the Bee Gees have gone through various and vibrant changes.  They’re best remembered for their work during the disco era with popular songs like “Tragedy”, “Jive Talkin’”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “Stayin’ Alive”, and “You Should Be Dancin’”.  For a band called “Bee Gees”, they sure like to leave out their “g”s in song titles.  Weird, isn’t it?


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