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I’m alright. Nobody worry about me. Because we love watching movies. This week we take a look back at the 1980 classic comedy Caddyshack. For 40 years fans have been inspired by the wacky humor and quotable lines. Plus, it had a cool soundtrack. We also head to the arcade to play a legendary digital golf classic, Golden Tee. 


Caddyshack, it’s peppy soundtrack, and the arcade Golden Tee. 


In the NEWS

  • The Battlestar Galactica is in energetic preparations on the Peacock streaming service
  • Star Wars animation gets an exciting boost with the announcement of Bad Batch
  • Jon Hamm will star at the title character in the Fletch reboot 

We Love Our Cereal

The Roving Spoonster digs deep once again for the best in cereal news. After far too many years, we will finally be getting a female cereal mascot. Even if she is undead. Will South Koreans enjoy the much anticipated Green Onion Chex cereal? And put the matches away, because you won’t need a campfire to enjoy the new S’Mores cereal. 


Let’s All Go to the Movies - Caddyshack

40 years ago the guys that brought us National Lampoon set their sights on the golf course. Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, and a variety of hilarious actors prove once again that bullies will get their come-uppance in any environment. Grab that 9-iron and be the ball. 


Vinyl Scratchback - Caddyshack soundtrack

Kenny Loggins beat out Pink Floyd when got the opportunity to write songs for the movie. And he is still singing about how he’s “Alright” today. Plus, an iconic Journey song made it’s way into the movie. More specifically into Al Czervik’s golf bag. 


TechnoRetro Arcade - Golden Tee

Some arcade games have medieval action. Some have enemies from space. Some have plumbers chasing turtles. But if you’re ready for something a little slower-paced, then we have a golf game for you. In 1989 Incredible Technologies gave us the strategic golf simulator “Golden Tee”. The series continued for years and was popular with those that would rather stay inside and swing the clubs. 

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